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Watch the story of how I ran the greatest official distance recorded by a female runner in France over 6 hours here


24h Albi: 215.8k

6h Lauragais: 74.k 1st place

24h Bruniquel: 1st place

6h Villenave: 1st place

500k MiMi'Kil 2nd place

(4 days, 12 hours)

Endurance Trail des Templiers 2015: 1st place

Endurance Trail des Templiers 2017: 3rd place

100k de Millau 2017: 2nd place

OCC 2015: 12th place/3rd v40

TDS 2017: 14th place

South Downs Way 100 2018: 1st place

North Downs Way 100 2017: 2nd place

Larzac Trip Trail 80k: 1st place

Trail des Crêtes 50k: 1st place 

Euskal Trail Duo 2 x 40k: 1st place

Angelus Trail 80k: 1st place

TTM Duo 50k: 1st place

Manchester Marathon 2018: 3h05
London Marathon 2017: 3h12
Montauban Marathon 2016: 3h14
Albi Marathon 2014: 3h15

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